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2017: a new route

We've kept to essentially the same route for the last few years but 2017's going to be a bit different. Obviously we're joining the same dots – Bath, Cheddar, Fivehead and Exmouth – but there's lots of ways to do that...

Starting in Bath, the ride will still leave the city on the Two Tunnels Greenway, but the route from then on will be new. Well, bits of it will be. We'll update this page when we've ridden it to check it out.

Two Tunnels: code of conduct

The Two Tunnels route will be largely empty by the time the Exmouth comes through. Please read the code of conduct for the use of the route, though. It's straightforward stuff.

GPX and PDF downloads of the route

GPX and PDF route sheets will be available after the route recce which is scheduled for 7 July

Route sheets are available on the night, priced £1. Please buy one to help us cover the costs of the event. Or bung us a quid if you've downloaded it and printed it already. We print the official ones on waterproof paper so there's no need to laminate them.


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